New Lifts

Do you provide new lifts?

We offer bespoke and pre-engineered new and replacement lifts for most duty ranges including passenger, goods, service and disabled access use on competitive prices and minimal timescales. We also provide machine-room-less as well as traditional hydraulic and traction lift format. Please contact us for a technical study and review which can often be undertaken on the phone to establish budgetary proposals.
Please see our Lift Installation page for more information

In what way can a lift be bespoke?

Bespoke solutions really mean ‘unique’ to the customer. So your lift may need to have a special lift car finish to be resilient in a demanding environment, including making it as vandal-resistant as possible. It may need to be aesthetically matched to its environment, for instance, within a listed building. The drive system may be bespoke as can the shaft itself and all the controls. Most things are possible.

How long does it take to get a new lift?

Depending on whether you choose a pre-designed lift or bespoke lift, it will take between 8 to 12 weeks to deliver from order to manufacture once all details and finishes are agreed between us.

Is it possible to install a lift without having to build a lift shaft against an existing exterior wall?

It certainly is. Many lifts are supplied structure supported. This means they come in a pre-built shaft that gains its support from the base and each floor it passes through. At Liftworks we are able to supply passenger lifts, platform lifts and goods lifts in this way.

Can you provide disabled access lifts and equipment?

We offer a range of products from conventional passenger lifts for disabled use through to specialist and more economic platform, step lifts and other equipment for exclusive use by semi-ambulant persons to assist their movement through your building. We can also improve your exiting lifts to achieve Equality Act 2010 compliance.