Lift Maintenance & Servicing

I have a lift in my building. What do I need to do?

You should arrange for the lift to be maintained (regularly serviced and kept in good repair) and, if the lift is in a place of work or accessable to the public, thoroughly examined at intervals in line with legislation.

Am I legally obliged to have my lift maintained?

Yes. The general duties imposed by The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 mean that you are obliged to keep your lift in safe working order. This means you must arrange for regular maintenance of your lift. In addition, if your lift is in a place of work then PUWER (Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998) applies too. Regular servicing will assist you to achieve this.
Please see our Lift Maintenance page for more information

Should I inform my insurance company that there is a lift in the building?

Yes. You should inform your insurance company that there is a lift in the building. If you do not you may not be insured for any accidents or losses which may occur and you could be held liable.

What is carried out during a service visit?

During a service visit an engineer will check the safety features on the lift. The engineer will clean, lubricate and adjust all components for optimum performance.
All work is recorded on triplicate sheets, one of which is left with the customer. Our engineers also record all work carried out on handheld devices which are linked to our office. Engineers also use their handheld devices to report any additional works or repairs which need to be carried out.
Please see our Lift Maintenance page for more information

Will my lift be out of action while an inspection or service is taking place?

Yes. The engineer will need to check many items within the shaft and motor room and so the lift will be ‘out of service’ while the engineer is on site. Our engineers display “ out of service” signs on each floor.

What type of contracts do you have and what is included?

We offer a range of contracts tailored to suit our customers, ranging from fully comprehensive cover to our basic Bronze contract. Please see our Lift Maintenance page for more information

What is the difference between "maintenance" and "Thorough Examination"?

Maintenance is the regular service of the lift, encompassing the routine adjustments to components, topping up of fluids etc. This must be carried out by a competant lift engineer. Maintenance is carried out to ensure the lift runs safe and efficiently.

Thorough Examination is the systematic and detailed inspection of the lift and it’s associated equipment. This should be carried out by your insurance company or a competant lift engineer. Thorough examination provides a good check that maintenance is being carried out properly. It focuses entirely on the safety of the lift equipment.

Am I legally obliged to have my lift Thoroughly Examined?

Yes. Regulation 9 of the Litfing Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER) requires that a lift undergoes an inspection/Thorough Examination by a competant person at regular intervals (twice a year for passenger lifts, once a year for goods lifts or according to the lifts situation) and applies to all lifts and lifting equipment used at work or accessable to the public.

What is a form 54?

Thorough Examination, as referred to in The Guidelines for Supplementary Testing of In-service Lifts, may also be referred to as Form 54 Inspection - the code given to the original form on which the findings of a thorough examination were recorded.